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Success Stories

John Paulo

John Paulo’s Testimonial

Danielle Wilcox

“Moving from a high school that offers a variety of many sports, to a University that offered none, I needed a personal trainer to meet with me at various times of the day to fit in with my class schedule, Adam was the guy for the job. He would always schedule me in, even if it meant that it would inconvenience him. He was so easy to talk to and very easy to get to know. Our talks consisted on topics related to sports as we both love playing and watching sports. I was also intrigued by his ambition for his career and it was always so fascinating to listen to in our talks we had. He trains and motivates with such a passion, no matter what mood or how tired I was, he would always motivate me. No matter how fit or unfit I was, there was no judgement or disappointment only encouragement. Our training sessions were personally customized for losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time. Whatever was requested was always delivered. One time I asked if we could change the HIIT section at the end and he changed on the spot, without hesitation. Adam had thought of a whole new end of workout without even two minutes of thought. Adam also provided me with nutritional advice and a meal plan to work around. Which personally helped so much. The simple things people always seem to forget was always one of his major points such as how important it is to drink water and stay hydrated. For anyone looking to exercise, lose weight and improve your overall fitness, as I said before, Adam is the guy.”

Andrew Kaheil

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“I began searching for a personal trainer in Bangkok in the middle of 2016. As I had a very specific goal in mind which I needed help achieving. I found Adam online and gave him a call, I was convinced on the spot this was the trainer that could help me attain my goal of having 7% body fat. Adam gave me the realities of what it took to achieve this goal. In May 2016 I started at 78kg carry 10.15 kilograms of fat. Adam designed my diet program and oversaw my training for 12 weeks. We came up with a plan to lose half a kilogram a week for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks my body fat dropped by 5% and I had achieved my goal. I was 7% body fat at 72kg. Over the process of 12 weeks I had lost a little over 5 kilograms of fat and lost 1 kg of muscle.  Adam is fantastic, in how knowledgeable he is about nutrition and training. He designed and guided me step by step in the process of helping me achieve my goal. He was very supportive, and was always there and responded to any questions I had. Adam knows exactly how to achieve certain fitness goals, he set me realistic goals and he is my fitness inspiration. As well as this he is very friendly, reliable, and someone you can count on.”

Patchara Hitchman

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“Adam is one of the most determined trainers I’ve had since I’ve started training back in 2014, he really does push you to what your body can do. One main point about him is that not only does he have knowledge about how to workout specific to your goals, he educates you on why you are doing what you are doing and the benefit behind it. Everyday he would provide accountability to what I am eating and also when I was lazy to meet him at the gym he would push me everyday, through guidance and motivation. He always explained to me that I would feel worse if I didn’t exercise and he was right because I felt great after every session and Adam was right. Even though I’m a person who procrastinated a lot and missed some sessions with bad excuses he had a lot of patience and never once made me feel bad, instead he motivated me in guided me in the right direction. Which was always a positive. I highly recommend training with Adam, you’ll get more than you’re paying for as he goes the extra mile for everyone of his clients. The experience I had from his training methods were top class. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work continually working with me. I highly appreciate his time he spends with me, continually educating me and helping me achieve my dream body!”

Loko Shengpompet

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“I previously worked with Adam on a weekly basis. Adam is very knowledgeable about everything related to fitness. He quickly understood my goals and has continually provided advice and adapted my training programmes to my needs. He uses a holistic approach and incorporates all elements if fitness such as posture, flexibility, and strength. He educated me about how to eat healthily and how to eat to change my body. The most beneficial thing I got from Adam, is he knows how every single exercise is performed and he coaches you till your form is perfect and he explains how each exercise would benefit me, and guided me in the process of doing what I am doing. The results have been fantastic, I now have moved on to a point where I can train on my own as I understand the principles of training and nutrition, in which he educated me on over the space of one year. All my friends noticed the change and transformation he helped me go through. I highly recommend Adam as a personal trainer as he pushes you to perform your best, with the right kind of encouragement and is very motivational.”

 Client’s Testimonial – Bee Singpadith

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Kate CChamchoy

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Vilanda Puraya

Steve and Phil

Nunita & Sel


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