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Success Stories

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Bubble BUTT Workout

Bubble BUTT Workout

Maxfit x Booty Band

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MaxFit Performance

MaxFit is a unique fitness experience that has an all in one service to help people achieve their desired fitness goals; i.e. Weight loss, gaining muscle, endurance, ect.. Through a training program that includes a nutrition guide tailored to every individual persons needs, along with a nutrition and meal plan service to help people achieve their desired goals.

Our number one selling point is delivering results, as we believe that taking part in fitness is an investment in your time, money and effort. Check out our success stories tab to find out more.

The MaxFit Performance Team.

We take care of clients workout routines, through making suggestions on how many times they should workout per week and what exercises to avoid if they the clients have any injuries. MaxFit places huge importance on working with clients on their lifestyle outside the gym. This is due to our theory that in order to have energy to go through the workouts effectively at our gym we need to be living a lifestyle that is suitable. MaxFit spends time on making sure our clients are educated on what to eat along with how to adopt the necessary small changes to living a healthier lifestyle.

MaxFit Performance has a belief system.

That the trainers job is not to just make a client tired through random exercises like we see on television programs such as the biggest loser. It does not take a skilled trainer to make a client tired, instead we believe in progression of workouts with each client, from day one being able to do what you can do and gradually increasing what we can do.

MaxFit Performance follows the fitt principle.

Fitt stands for frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise selection. Our trainers are well educated on applying this with every client who walks through the door, to the point where they can determine what a client is able to do and gradually guiding them through a progressive program. This program is set so that a trainer can give practical advice related to how frequent an individual should exercise, how intense their workout sessions are to be, how long a client can exercise for and type of exercise selection which would benefit the client. For example improving weaknesses in a clients strength in particular muscle groups that have been underused, improving flexibility, posture and mobility and endurance.

Maxfit places huge significance on being the best fitness service to deliver a high quality service, the best results and helping people become the fittest and healthiest version of themselves.

Come in for a free session anytime to learn more about MaxFit Performance and what we can offer you.

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