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New Years Program

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MaxFit's New Class Introduction


Do you want to be happy, healthy, and functionally fit as you start to age?

Are you noticing how increasingly difficult it is to develop a good exercise routine to deliver fitness results? The good news is you don’t have to do it alone, with MaxFit’s qualified personal trainers in a one on one setting or with our group personal training we can help you achieve your goals in more ways that you have considered.

Why invest in working with our service?

1). Reduce your risk of injury:
Poor exercise form and technique is a catalyst for injury which slows down your progression. Our knowlegeable personal trainers are here to coach you until your exercise form is perfected so you reduce your chance of injury and get the most of your exercise time.

2). Accountability:
Through working with a MaxFit trainer you won’t find excuses not to go the gym, we will constantly remind you of your reasons why you want to be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself. We will provide the support and constant motivation to keep you going until you reach your desired results.

3). Variety and creativity:
With our sessions and gym not using any machines, our trainers have a huge repertoire of exercise knowledge to constantly change and use new exercises to keep your routine fun and constantly engaging as you will get to try new movements and exercises as you get fitter.

4.) Learn efficient exercise technique:
Have you previously been spending too much time in the gym but seeing very little results? Our trainers at MaxFit are here as an investment in your time, we will show you how to maximize your efforts and your results in half the time.

5).Lose stubborn fat:
As we age it becomes increasingly challenging to lose fat. Why? There are four main reasons, loss of calorie burning muscle tissue, increase in your caloric intake, decreased activity levels and changes in hormonal balance. Our trainers here at MaxFit Performance can help you build muscle mass, increase caloric expenditure, refer you to proper specialist to address any further medical issues or problems that are impeding you from success.

6). Set the stage for a happier and healthier future:
With MaxFit personal training and group training programs our trainers will do their utmost best to spark the drive inside you through the right education and guidance and get you started on the right direction. This will set the stage for a happier and more functionally active future along with a reduction in your metabolic age. Our trainers conduct revitalizing check ups every 3-4 weeks to check your progress to ensure you are on the right track.

Areas of specialty:
Female weight loss
Male muscle gaining and weight loss

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